Forex-Art loves winter!

Well, what a beautiful June!

Only three forex-art signals this month (that came to an end) and three times profit, one for Nzd/Usd (+54 pips), one for Aud/Usd(+35)  and one for the favorite Gbp/Jpy (+162).

My bank has grown a lot (Closed Trades Statistics: Closed Signals: 25 – Wins: 19 (76.0 %) Pips Profit/Loss: +1480 profit – Last Upd: 27/06/21) and so I will definitely be able to deal with a possible drawdown next season as my system is currently over-performing.

I remind you that in the long run the trend reversal trading strategy “MZ 2.0” that we follow here has a 60% success rate so a possible correction is not at all unlikely and should not be a problem.

Before saying goodbye – until the next update – let me mention that one of the five forex pairs from which they come our signals, changes from next week. More specifically, the position of Aud/Usd is temporarily taken by Eur/Jpy so dear forex-art donators do not be surprised!

I wish you a good rest of summer without further heatwaves! The temperature in Athens remains at 40 degrees Celsius for a week now and the forecasts say that it will continue for a long time! loves winter!

Yours sincerely!

UPDATE: Since 10 July 2021, has already been changed into a subscription-based website.

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