The 13 Forex Pairs for “MZ 2.0” Strategy and more about FX-Art Premium Signals Service

My trading strategy “MZ 2.0” monitors 13 forex pairs 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) and 12 months a year. The “behavior” of the instruments according to the basic rules of this system is closely monitored and thus a specialized statistical analysis is constantly updated, always with the use of Excel.

As for any system that “respects itself” and in which unlimited working time and a lot of effort in general has been invested, a) the basic rules of entry / exit in the market b) the custom indicators that have been created and applied in it and c) the method of statistical analysis used is not for public announcement but only the resulting trading signals.

What can be announced are the 13 forex pairs which are: Aud/Nzd, Eur/Jpy, Nzd/Usd, Aud/Usd, Eur/Chf, Gbp/Jpy, Gbp/Chf, Cad/Chf, Eur/Usd, Nzd/Cad, Aud/Cad, Eur/Gbp and Usd/Jpy.

From these from time to time come the trading signals that are published here, now (from Februay 2021) as a subscription service.

What is worth a notice is that the subscription service was designed so that the end user  who receives the trading signals in his email in an easy and practical way to be able to manually apply them directly to his trading account enjoying only the benefits without worrying about anything else.

Enjoy my Premium signals service and be a part of a successful trading journey!
– More than 10 years exerience as Forex trader
– 2+ years backtesting for “MZ 2.0” trading system
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