My name is Demetrios, i live in Athens Greece and I have been dealing with online trading since 2011 until today.

I am a fan of statistics, excel and when I do not deal with trading I like to read history, philosophy and literature while I also love movies and TV series (my favorites are Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul!)

In all these years I have experienced disappointments, joys and strong emotions as a trader as it is a volatile market that can from one moment to the next send you to heaven or hell! The key feature that has remained the same all these years – and remains to this day – is my willingness to learn new things and never to stand still.

I have attended several relevant seminars but above all I have devoted endless hours of personal study and testing to reach a relatively good understanding of the market. Although I have used a lot of technical analysis, I am mainly interested in the statistical parameter in Forex which with the help of probabilities in combination with the data collection creates interesting forecast systems

In forex-art.com you will find content for both beginners and advanced traders. Collection of articles on the basics in online trading but also more specialized topics. Also free trading signals on various instruments, trades setup on a weekly basis, statistical analyzes, reviews and suggestions of useful services with my affiliate links and much more, all selected according to my personal criteria. I hope you find something that might be useful to you and take your own online trading trip a step further.

I do not claim to be an expert, nor do I give advice to anyone, I just use this blog to contribute to the community of people seeking knowledge to become better day by day in this difficult but so exciting experience called forex trading. If I have to give one and only timeless advice is to be sceptical of anyone in this market trying to convince you that he possesses the “holy grail” that can make you rich easily and quickly.

Trading while it is so fascinating (especially if you are also interested in mind training beyond its for-profit side) can be dangerous to catastrophic if left to the greed and simplifications of quick profit. Also an important parameter for anyone who wants to get serious involved is the psychology as most of all (maybe even more a good trading strategy) trading requires the ability of self-discipline, emotion management, patience and perseverance.

For any comment, suggestion, idea, advertising or affiliate do not hesitate to send my a message: forexart73@gmail.com Welcome again! Have a good trip to the world of online trading!

Demetrios 2022