Example of Closing Confirmation Notice

Closing Confirmation Notice (Signal No13 – 4/4)

Day and time it was sent: 08/04/21 – 01.40 Athens Time (GMT+3)

Forex-Art.com Signal No13
Trading Strategy: M.Z. 2.0
Pair: Gbp/Jpy
Direction: Sell
Open: 01/04/21 – 23.59 Athens Time (GMT+3)
Opening Price: 152.94
Stop Loss: 156.56
Take Profit: 147.55
Proposed Risk percentage  on assumed capital for this trading signal: 3%
Closing Price: 149.99
Result: Win
Profit/Loss (Pips): +295
Profit/Loss % for this Trade: +1.93

Following the Get Ready Closing Notice for this signal which was sent at 08/04/21 – 23.40 Athens Time (GMT+3), this is a confirmation notice that the No13 Trading Signal Gbp/Jpy closed at market price (152.94) with profit +295 pips.