Hello! My name is Dimitris and I live in Athens, Greece.

I am a fan of statistics, excel and when I do not deal with Forex market I like to read history, philosophy and literature while I also love movies and specific TV series (my favorites are Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul!).

I have been dealing with Forex for about ten years, since 2011…

I managed to design a complete trading strategy (“MZ 2.0”) for Forex based on the trend reversal with with very good results and backtesting for over two years now with more 120 trades tested. Based on this backtesting period you can wait in a long run a 60% win trades ratio, a drowdown of 4 losing trades and 4-5 signals per month depending on forex market conditions.

Currently all the Forex-Art.com Signals come from this trading strategy with a general loss limit which if exceeded system stopped and replaced by a new one, if of course new one meets the conditions to go live (backtesting, profit indicator e.t.c).

Please be advised that closed trades statistics on the forex-art front page refer to the period from February 2021 when the trading signals became live & available on forex-art.com (not all the backtesting period).

My Forex trading signals published here in forex-art.com several hours AFTER their implementation.

By becoming my donator via Paypal you will be able to receive notifications via email BEFORE the activation of these trading signals and at the same time additional information that will be available only to you and not to ordinary visitors of my blog.


1/4. Get Ready Opening Notice… that will inform you to open a new trade manually straight to your trading account within 20 minutes of the current notification for a specific forex pair at market price, the direction action (buy or sell) and a proposed percentage of risk on assumed capital for this trading signal.

2/4. Opening Confirmation Notice… with the opening pair market price, the take profit and stop loss limit…

3/4. Get Ready Closing Notice… that will inform you to close this active trade manually straight to your trading account within 20 minutes of the current notification  at market price,  if of course not fulfilled already the take profit or stop  loss limit referred to this trading signal.

4/4. Closing Confirmation Notice… with the result if this trading signal, the closing market price and  the pips for profit or loss.

Example of Closing Confirmation Notice

The forex-Art.com trading signals i share here cannot be considered financial advice. I don’t provide any guarantees about my signals nor about any results you may get by trading with them. If you decide to use them for trading, you are taking full responsibility about any results you may have.

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